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Elkhorn Junior Golf Association


The goals of the Elkhorn Junior Golf Program are to establish a junior golf program that stimulates interest in golf from the youth of the greater Stockton and Lodi areas. Through involvement in the program, participants will learn sportsmanship, etiquette, the rules of golf, and experience competition in a fun and proactive environment. Most will improve their golfing ability; all will be given the opportunity to learn a sport that is based on Honor, Integrity, and History.


Jr Flyer

The 2017 Summer JR Clinics

This program is designed for the beginner level golfer. I designed this clinic to expose juniors to the joy of playing golf both recreational and competitively. We will be covering the rules of golf, etiquette, and tournament play, course management, pre-shot routine, special shots & unusual conditions and of course having a fun time playing golf.

Last year was my first year running the clinic, and it went great. There were some issues I came across which I have revised for this year. I decided to do 2 separate age groups this year to try and focus my lessons more towards the group I have in front of me.

Age Groups:

  • Group A: 5-9 years old
  • Group B: 10 and up


For Group A: 5-9 age groups we will be meeting for an hour, twice a week. We will be learning all of the same elements as the older group just refined and a lot more fun! This age group is really about getting them out on the range, and starting to swing the club. It is also a really great way for them to meet other kids with similar interests. For this age group we will not be going on the actual course, if I get enough volunteers to watch them on the course then I may be able to find the right day for them.

For Group B: 10 and up age groups we will be meeting for an hour and a half, twice a week. This group will be more serious, and aimed to get the player ready to play golf on the course. We begin our clinic with a discussion period where I go over the technical part of whatever we will be working on that day. The rest of the day we go on the range and try and execute what we have learned. There are 2 scheduled play days that are incorporated in the schedule given. Those days will start later than our actual practice days and will run fairly longer. The playing days are designed to really get the junior exposed to playing golf on the golf course.

Each group will get the appropriate basics to get started on playing the game of golf. The pricing for the clinic includes the lessons, range balls, green fees, snacks and water!

*I have also set the clinic times to early in the day to try and beat the heat, for the older groups on the playing days it will be later in the day so we will have to adjust.

For any further information or signups you can contact Natalie Tsutsumi

Elkhorn Golf Club Shop # 209-474-3900 or Email:

1050 Elkhorn Dr. Stockton CA 95209

Tentative Schedule:

Tuesday/ Thursday Clinic dates for all age groups Group A (9am-10am), Group B (10:15-11:45)

Start week: June 5th, June 8th

June 12th, June 15th

June 19th (On course day, NO THURSDAY PRACTICE)

June 26th, June 28th


July 11th, July 13th

Last week: July 18th (On course day), July 21st

*For the 5-9 age groups we will not be going on the course.  Those days will remain the same practice time as scheduled.


5-9 Groups:  $100

10 and Up Group:

Current Elkhorn Jr Revolution Member- $80

Non-Jr Member (clinic only + green fees & balls) – $180

NEW Jr Member w/ clinic- $230

Dress Code for Juniors/ Adults:

Examples of acceptable attire for male golfers: pullover or button down collared golf shirts, mock turtle necks shirts, slacks, shorts with a 5” inseam length and hemmed or knickers. Full-sleeve crewneck sweaters or sweatshirts and leisure tops are acceptable.
Examples of unacceptable attire: Any cutoff shorts of any kind, bathing trunks, jogging or racing trunks, tank tops, bare chests and underwear type tee-shirts.

Female Golfers should also be clothed in the following acceptable fashions:
blouses, slacks, shorts or skirts, with a 5” inseam and hemmed.
Examples of unacceptable attire:
Any cutoff shorts of any kind, short shorts (less than a 5”inseam, spaghetti straps, tank or halter tops, bare backs, chests and midriffs, mesh tops, running shorts and swimming attire. Halter-tops, having straps less than 1” wide and sleeveless opening greater than 6” are not allowed.
Note: Golf hats are encouraged to be worn properly, forward on the head, not backwards or sideways.